ALVIN Dive Information

Dive Number:2320Date:12/06/90
Chief Scientist:LEVINOperations Area:FIEBERLING SEAMOUNT
Pilot:C. Van DoverObserver 1:Cynthia Huggett
Observer 2:Elana Leithold
Launch Time:0818Time Submerged:7:20
Time on Surface:1538Bottom Time:
Depth:640 metersPurpose:BIOLOGY
Still Images:3 Reel(s) 35mm color film Incl. Dives 2319-21Moving Images:3 8mm video tape(s)
Observed:Anemones, Basalt lava, Carbonates, Sea cucumbers, Sea stars, Soft sediment, Sponges, Urchins, Dunes/Ripples, Other(NO)Sampled:Other(NO), Dunes/Ripples
FrameGrabber Link:
Remarks:FIRST ALL FEMALE DIVE; pilot very helpful and willing to share observations; also novice to this type of sampling, but did well.