ALVIN Dive Information

Dive Number:3452Date:08/17/99
Chief Scientist:LEVINOperations Area:OREGON MARGIN SEEP
Pilot:B. WatersObserver 1:Joris Gieskes
Observer 2:David James
Launch Time:08:04Time Submerged:5:28
Time on Surface:13:32Bottom Time:4:37
Depth:602 metersPurpose:BIOLOGY
Sponsor:NOAA/NURPData:1 CD-ROM Incl. Dives 3439-3452
Still Images:1 Reel(s) 35mm color film Incl. Dives 3442-3452Moving Images:3 Hi8 video tape(s)
3-3 chip videos
Observed:Anemones, Bacterial mats, Carbonates, Clams, Cold seep, Non-vent fish, Sea cucumbers, Sea stars, Snails/Limpets, Soft sediment, Sponges, Urchins, Vent fishSampled:Bacterial mats, Clams, Cold seep, Urchins
FrameGrabber Link:
Remarks:Active bubbling, bacterial mats, calyptogena clams, urchin aggregations, and lots of carbonate.