ALVIN Dive Information

Dive Number:3502Date:11/30/99
Chief Scientist:LUTZOperations Area:EAST PACIFIC RISE - 9N Biotransect
Pilot:P. HickeyObserver 1:Bill Reeve
Observer 2:None
Launch Time:10:47Time Submerged:5:32
Time on Surface:16:19Bottom Time:2:47
Depth:2513 metersPurpose:IMAX IMAGING
Sponsor:NSFData:1 CD-ROM Incl. Dives 3488-3502
1 CD-ROM Incl. Dives 2950-3744, data transferred from 3.5" diskettes
Still Images:2 Reel(s) 35mm color film Incl. Dives 3490-3502Moving Images:2 Hi8 video tape(s)
FrameGrabber Link:
Remarks:Only one observer because of size of IMAX camera; dive delayed and terminated early because of weather