ALVIN Dive Information

Dive Number:3281Date:10/03/98
Chief Scientist:URABEOperations Area:SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE - RM28
Pilot:R. WilliamsObserver 1:Bruce Strickrott
Observer 2:Adam Schultz
Launch Time:08:24Time Submerged:8:42
Time on Surface:17:06Bottom Time:5:37
Depth:2630 metersPurpose:INSTRUMENT RECOVERY
Sponsor:GSJ/NSFData:1 CD-ROM Incl. Dives 2950-3744, data transferred from 3.5" diskettes, 2 CD Roms incl. 3272-81
Still Images:1 Reel(s) 35mm color film Incl. Dives 3279-3281Moving Images:6 Hi8 video tape(s)
incl. 3-3chip
Observed:Anemones, Bacterial mats, Basalt lava, Hi temp vents, Inactive vent deposits, Lo temp vents, Non-vent fish, Other worms, Sea stars, Snails/Limpets, Soft sediment, Tube worms, Xenophyophores, (dead) Sea cucumbers, (dead) Vent fishSampled:ALVIN navigation, CTD records, Hi temp vents, Lo temp vents, Magnetometer records, Temperature records
FrameGrabber Link:
Remarks:Intense venting between SF 6 and Manatee site. At least 20 black smokers, plus considerable diffuse venting on W. slope beneath chimneys. Possible inflow zone 20 m E of venting structures, marked by intense and concentrated alteration products on basalt wall.