ALVIN Dive Information

Dive Number:5003Date:12/07/18
Chief Scientist:FornariOperations Area:EPR Coral Seamount
Pilot:J. GrauObserver 1:Barbara John
Observer 2:Ross Parnell-Turner
Launch Time:14:02Time Submerged:9:03
Time on Surface:23:05Bottom Time:6:30
Depth:2930 metersPurpose:Geology
Still Images: Moving Images:
Observed:Basalt lava, Midwater organisms, Non-vent fish, Sea cucumbers, Sea stars, Soft sediment, Sponges, Urchins, Vent fish, XenophyophoresSampled:Basalt lava, Sea cucumbers, Soft sediment
FrameGrabber Link:
Remarks:Dive Highlights: 4K video of large white sponge, Ribbon-candy flow at top of pillow lava outcrop, well preserved decorated pillow lava, 3-5m diameter, pillow tubes and drained pillows