ALVIN Dive Information

Dive Number:2877Date:01/31/95
Chief Scientist:KARSONOperations Area:KANE FRACTURE ZONE
Latitude:23-20.32NLongitude: 45-00.75W
Pilot:M. HeintzObserver 1:Roisin Lawrence
Observer 2:Jay Miller
Launch Time:0830Time Submerged:7:08
Time on Surface:1538Bottom Time:
Depth:3599 metersPurpose:GEOLOGY
Sponsor:NSFData:1 CD-ROM Incl. Dives 2800-2950, data transferred from 3.5" diskettes
Still Images:1 Reels 35mm color film Incl. Dives 2876-77Moving Images:2 Hi8 video tape(s)
Observed:Bedforms, Non-vent fish, Sea cucumbers, Soft sediment, Sponges, Urchins, Other(GO) Serpentinized PeridotiteSampled:Magnetometer records, Other serpentinized peridotite
FrameGrabber Link:
Remarks:Series of peridotite outcrops in bench/step form. Betweem steps predominately pelagic ooze and talus deposits.