ALVIN Dive Information

Dive Number:4682Date:03/19/14
Chief Scientist:GirguisOperations Area:Gulf of Mexico - MC036
Pilot:B. WatersObserver 1:Amanda Demopoulos
Observer 2:George Luther
Launch Time:13:34Time Submerged:8:06
Time on Surface:21:40Bottom Time:6:43
Depth:1095 metersPurpose:Science Verification
Still Images: Moving Images:1 LTO-5 Data Cartridge
Observed:Anemones, Bacterial mats, Carbonates, Clams, Cold seep, Non-vent fish, Other worms, Sea stars, Soft sediment, Vent fishSampled:Carbonates, Clams, Cold seep, Soft sediment
FrameGrabber Link:
Remarks:Site Description: MC036 This site includes seep and deep-sea coral communities; Science Supplied Equipment Samples: Kang's six shooter, Luther's AIS instrument; Dive Highlights: Red crab chaceon, several shrimp species observed