ALVIN Dive Information

Dive Number:4975Date:10/21/18
Chief Scientist:CordesOperations Area:Mound 12
Pilot:B. StrickrottObserver 1:Gregory Rouse
Observer 2:Amanda Glazier
Launch Time:13:08Time Submerged:8:51
Time on Surface:21:59Bottom Time:7:44
Depth:1008 metersPurpose:Biology
Still Images: Moving Images:
Observed:Anemones, Bacterial mats, Carbonates, Midwater organisms, Mussels, Non-vent fish, Other worms, Sea cucumbers, Sea stars, Snails/Limpets, Soft sediment, Tube worms, Urchins, Vent fish, CoralsSampled:Bacterial mats, Mussels, Sea stars, Soft sediment
FrameGrabber Link:
Remarks:Site Description: Mound 12 far far away to active sandy bottom to carbonate mounds, bacterial mats, yetis; Science Supplied Equipment Samples: 2 Markers deployed CR2, SC3; Dive Highlights: Lots of yeti crabs, interesting worm/fish, large carbonate mounds, baterial mats, many interesting fish, pelagic jellies of different colors.